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Viewfinder Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization that presents multi-media events using speakers, bands and previously-recorded personal stories demonstrating the belief that change and transformation of an individual is possible – even among those who have been damaged, wounded and scarred by past mistakes and previous involvement in activities now regretted. We point the way to the love of God and a path freed from guilt. Our goal is to have a positive effect on our society and in our communities by fostering the formation of a growing host of men and women who embrace the love of God, becoming the strongest advocates for choosing God’s prescription for life choices; and, out of the ranks of ordinary people, raise up a force that is equipped to speak to their neighbors as agents of grace, linking arms with those around them.

The driving purpose of Viewfinder Ministries, Inc is to reveal the immutable character of God and the limitless extent of His provision, protection and power in love, mercy and justice toward us as the sole objects of His grace available through faith in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ; such faith as is instructed and taught to us by the Holy Spirit through the application of God’s Word: the Bible.