Please check out the list of frequently asked questions below. If we didn't answer your question please contact us.

Who should attend this event?
FORGIVEN is an event for women, age 15 and older. That’s it, folks. It’s simple. If you’re a female, you qualify. Doesn’t matter where you’re from (or where you’ve been), what you do (or don’t do), who you know (or don’t know), what you do at work (or off work), what you said yesterday (or might say tomorrow), what’s in your past, present or future. You’re a woman and we want you to come. We’ve worked really hard to prepare a unique day that will surprise you and, we hope, affirm a deep sense of personal value and worth in your heart.

How do I register to attend?
When you purchase a general admission ticket, you will be required to enter personal contact details. That will automatically register you for the event. Once you have paid for your ticket(s), you will receive a confirmation email with a printable ticket. Please bring that ticket with you. You must present a ticket in order to attend.


Should you choose to do so, one lunch ticket should also be purchased with each general admission ticket. (Details, see below.) These lunch tickets must also be presented at the event, in order to receive your pre-ordered lunch. Bottom line: No tickies, no munchies!

Is lunch provided at the event?
Lunch tickets and menu choices are available when you purchase your admission ticket. There will be no lunch available for purchase on-site day of the event. All lunches provided must be pre- ordered and pre-paid when you register online for the event.


If you do not wish to pre-order your lunch, there are restaurants nearby where you can get lunch. But, good luck with that! There’s only 1 hour for lunch and it would be a mad rush. Why not relax and enjoy a quiet lunch with your friends right on-site? Our lunch provided by Jason’s Deli is one of their delicious sandwiches or wraps, chips, a pickle, a chocolate chip cookie and a drink…all for only SEVEN BUCKS! (You’ll not match that anywhere nearby. Price or yumminess.) Gluten-free and vegetarian options will be available when you place your order.

  • Please note: You will need to present a pre-paid lunch ticket to receive your lunch. Be sure to bring it with you to the event.

What is your ticket refund policy?
That’s simple, too. (We’re all about making things easy for you at FORGIVEN.) Tickets are non-refundable; but they are transferable. If you have purchased a ticket and then find you are unable to attend the event, please give your ticket to another woman. We really don’t want to see your seat empty!

  • Please note: If you are transferring your admission ticket to another woman, please be sure to give her your lunch ticket, too. Course you will. Why would we give somebody a ticket to get in, but then let her sit there during lunch, HUNGRY? (Now see, you’re so nice…you already thought of that, didn’t you? Knew you would. That’s just like you. Thanks.)

Are there scholarship tickets available?
You bet! Times can be tough. So, we want to make free tickets available to any woman who wants to attend FORGIVEN but just doesn’t have the money for a ticket. If you’re interested in helping out:

  • After you purchase your own admission ticket to FORGIVEN, if you can afford to also purchase one scholarship ticket (or more than one…yay!), you’ll find a spot to do that right below where you bought your own ticket and lunch ticket. You will also prepay the scholarship ticket(s) and our staff will receive notification that more scholarship tickets are available. You can count on us to distribute the scholarship ticket(s) you were generous to provide.

  • Please note: Each scholarship ticket costs $42.00, instead of the regular price of $35 for the
    general admission tickets. This is because a scholarship ticket also includes $7.00 payment
    for a lunch ticket to accompany the $35 admission ticket you are offering. Surely, we can all
    agree that someone who cannot afford an admission ticket would appreciate lunch too.


How do I get one of those free scholarship tickets?

Cool! We’re so glad you asked. Just shoot us an email and let us know you’re interested. Our staff will contact you and tell you how to get your ticket. Easy-peasy! Here’s our address: Please write SCHOLARSHIP TICKET in the subject line of your email.

What is included in the cost of registration?
There will be praise and worship throughout the day’s program led by the band, Midsong Rising.
And well-known author and speaker, Dr. Alicia Britt Chole [pronounced Aleesha Britt Showlee] will speak during both the morning and afternoon sessions. Plus, there will be local speakers, video testimonies, musically synchronized media presentations, drama and recordings during the program. Vendors will be available throughout the day, giving you the opportunity to purchase books, mementos, photography, art objects and much more to remember your day by. And any time you wish, there will be opportunity to speak with somebody one-on-one if that will help you.


What travel accommodations are available at the event?
Our staff does not offer assistance in providing travel and/or lodging accommodations.
However, there are a number of reasonably-priced hotels very near the venue: HNW Church. A quick search online with the address of our venue will surely provide appropriate options.


How can I become a vendor at your event?
If you are interested in being a vendor at the FORGIVEN event, please contact us at this link: Please write VENDOR INQUIRY on the subject line of your email. Please be advised, there is a fee for being one of our vendors and your merchandise must be approved as appropriate for this event and our audience.